Exhibition success for Van Beelen

D16 netting after 14 months fishing D16 netting after 14 months fishing
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Dutch rope and netting manufacturer Van Beelen, expected the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition to be busy, and the company’s expectations were more than fulfilled.

Many of Van Beelen’s customers, trawl makers from all over the world, said it was their best IceFish so far, and that the show had a new atmosphere of optimism. 

A significant success for Van Beelen at the exhibition was the Enkalon® Stealth rope for the pelagic sector. With the Stealth rope netmakers can build colour-coded gear with a smaller diameters, reducing drag. The company is renewing the rope design, making it easier to handle in the net loft or onboard, and even more efficient. 

There was also interest in the new chafe gear for D12 ropes with Dyneema®. The power web chafe gear was developed for towing boats, and is used for spliced eyes or over entire round slings. D12 ropes with Dyneema® are now standard features on many fishing vessels, making work on deck easier and safer.

Another highlighted product during the exhibition was the D16 Netting, made from Dyneema®. Van Beelen has been making netting in double knots from Dyneema® since the 1990s. The company says that investing in machinery especially for this material results in the highest possible breakload for netting twines. The strength of the small diameter twines is greater than that of other Dyneema® or HMPE netting twines in the industry, knotted or knotless.  

François Theret from French trawler company Scapêche visited the Van Beelen stand to discuss the up to 20% fuel savings (with an average of 13-14%) made on the twin rigger La Perouse, which has been trialling its first trawl with Dyneema® over the last year.  Also, in 14 months of using its D16 trawls, made by netmaker Motueka Nets in New Zealand, La Perouse has used not even half a bale of netting for repairs. The gear is very light and easy to work with. Scapêche is now extending the use of the high-strength Van Beelen netting to other trawlers in the fleet.

In New Zealand, Talleys factory vessels use D16 trawls with Dyneema® with an average fuel saving of 10,000l per catch. Also several Sanford deep water vessels use gear with Dyneema®, together with some inshore vessels and a few Sealord boats.

Van Beelen says that it aims to remain stable in the hectic fishing industry, which is troubled by constant quota changes and new anti-discard laws. The insecurity that these changes bring can cause unpredictable fluctuations in demand, with fast delivery times becoming more important. The company says that production at its factory in Holland has become more flexible, to adapt to these demands.

New investments planned for 2015 include improved heatset technology and machines capable of making D16 netting in very small meshes.


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