Companies team up to produce high-value algae products

Open ponds at Cellana’s Kona Demonstration Facility (KDF) on the Big Island of Hawaii Open ponds at Cellana’s Kona Demonstration Facility (KDF) on the Big Island of Hawaii
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Cellana, Inc. and Galil Algae Cooperative Agriculture Society Limited have entered into a letter of intent with the objective of partnering for the production of high-value algae products for aquaculture applications.

Currently, Cellana produces industrial-scale quantities of ReNew™ Algae – high-value algae biomass – at its Kona Demonstration Facility in Hawaii. At its facility in northern Israel, Galil Algae currently produces a variety of whole-algae products that are rich in Omega-3s for aquaculture applications.

The main goal of the programme is to identify, cultivate, develop, and scale up algae strains with immediate commercial value, emphasising the high-value components for existing aquaculture, mariculture, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical, and/or cosmetic applications. The starting points for the commercial venture are to include the existing high-Omega-3 algae strains of Cellana and Galil Algae, as well as (i) potential new and improved strains identified through non-GMO strain optimisation techniques such as selective breeding and/or (ii) additional naturally occurring strains identified through bioprospecting. 

In addition, the letter of intent contemplates Cellana and Galil Algae exploring the establishment of a new algae research and development centre in northern Israel. This new R&D center, together with the R&D activities to be undertaken at Cellana’s facility in Hawaii, would be a focal point for the development and testing of new or optimised strains of high-value algae biomass.

“This newly-established relationship with Galil Algae is an extension and validation of Cellana’s core competencies in minimising contamination in large-scale outdoor algae biomass production and in growing algae strains that naturally produce high-value Omega-3 oils,” said Martin A. Sabarsky, chief executive officer of Cellana.

“Many of the same strains that can be grown for aquaculture hatchery applications can also be good sources of crude oil for fuel applications, proteins for animal feed and food applications, and oils and polysaccharides for cosmetic applications.”

Mr Sabarsky said that he looks forward to finalising the definitive agreements with Galil Algae.



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