Accelerating sustainability in aquaculture

Accelerating sustainability in aquaculture Lykkegaard A/S is launching the world’s first high-performing corrosion-resistant pump for aggressive saltwater. Photo: Lykkegaard A/S

29 Danish suppliers to the international aquaculture industry will be exhibiting at the Pavilion of Denmark when Aqua Nor in Trondheim Spektrum opens on 20th August. The Danish suppliers bring high-performing and long-term solutions that support the industry in becoming more sustainable.

According to Martin Winkel, Head of Fish Tech, Danish Export Association, the organiser of the Pavilion of Denmark, the Danish companies at this year’s Aqua Nor will be showcasing a wide range that can help the aquaculture industry move towards more sustainable solutions:

“Right now, we are really experiencing a shift in the market with an industry focusing on developing more sustainable production while still being able to meet the growing demand for farmed fish. Accordingly, this offers great potential for Danish suppliers that hold a position as front-runners in developing new technology with a strong focus on high quality solutions, cost-efficiency and sustainability.”

Danish Export - Fish Tech is the largest Danish export network with suppliers to the global fishing, aquaculture and fish/seafood processing industries.

One of the Danish suppliers exhibiting at Aqua Nor 2019 is Lykkegaard A/S, a Danish pump technology specialist, consultant and supplier to both sea- and land-based fish installations across the world. Lykkegaard agrees that there is an increasing interest and demand from the market that is looking for suppliers to support a more sustainable production.

“The industry has intensified its focus on the environment, and we are experiencing a growing interest in solutions that are stable and long-lasting. The market is, for example, asking for solutions that can be repaired instead of being replaced when worn out,” said Lykkegaard A/S managing director Karsten Lykkegaard.

To meet these demands, Lykkegaard is launching the world’s first high-performing corrosion-resistant pump for aggressive saltwater that offers fish-farmers an option that will last for many years:

“Due to challenging conditions in aggressive water with high temperatures and salinity, fish-farmers have to cope with pumps corroding very quickly. This causes unnecessary downtime and fish mortality because the water is not being oxidized and cleaned. With our new pump made of the extremely durable material HDPE, fish farmers can get a guaranteed 100% corrosion-resistant solution and avoid fish mortality,” he said.

“The pumps will last for many years and are easy to service because no electrical motor parts are under water. Propeller pumps are axial pumps, that meet the need for high-performance circulation of large volumes of water at low pressure. This ensures fish farmers documented low energy consumption and a cost-efficient solution.”


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