The Icelandic Fisheries Conference has launched its ‘Food Waste for Profit’ conference programme. Available online, the programme is running a series of sessions highlight the opportunities and challenges of maximising returns from fish waste.

The conference is being hosted by a myriad of notable speakers, all of whom have extensive experience within the industry.

There will be three sessions, the first topic being regarding wild demersal species, ‘In Cod We Trust.’ This is an innovative session which will be delivered by those companies who are already using technology to adapt the manufacturing and processing lines in order to maximise return by utilising the entire fish, with no wastage.

The second session will address how wild pelagic can also join in the fish waste revolution, with a spotlight on feeding, developments in food processing equipment and high quality oil and protein products.

Session Three will focus on cultivated and farmed fish species, and how these can also provide return on investment for processors and catchers.

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By Hannah Colls, Mercator Media