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  • Northwestern chooses Palfinger

    Northwestern chooses Palfinger


    Deadliest Catch crab catcher Northwestern has placed an order for a knuckle boom crane (PKM 250) with Palfinger Marine

  • SNG: Trawling for success

    SNG: Trawling for success


    The Killybegs-based fishing gear designer and manufacturer Swan Net-Gundry Ltd continues to live up to its reputation, designing and manufacturing a full range of pelagic gear. With its constant investment in R&D and employing the latest technology into their trawls, the company continues to be one of the leading trawl ...

  • Channel fleet chooses Polar doors

    Channel fleet chooses Polar doors


    Icelandic trawl door specialist Polar Fishing Gear has a growing presence on the UK market that began in Scotland and has since grown to include the Channel coast as well.

  • Naust Marine sets up in Spain

    Naust Marine sets up in Spain


    According to the company’s sales and marketing director Helgi Kristjánsson, until they parted company a few years ago, Naust Marine had a long co-operation with a Spanish company sub-contracted to produce the deck hardware while Naust Marine in Iceland supplied the control and electrical systems.

  • Mustad Autoline breaks new ground with electric autoline

    Mustad Autoline breaks new ground with electric autoline


    Today Autoline deck equipment is powered by hydraulics, which in turn derive their power from a catching vessel’s diesel engines. Mustad Autoline is now working on the development process to run the main equipment with electricity.

  • HMPE: strong and stable

    HMPE: strong and stable


    Icelandic company Polar Fishing Gear has been busy with the Acera range of HMPE ropes manufactured by Timm in Slovakia, both for general rigging and deck applications, as well as for warps and also for aquaculture applications.

  • Ísfell’s Streamline

    Ísfell’s Streamline


    The Streamline multi-purpose groundfish trawl from Icelandic fishing gear supplier Ísfell has its roots in the north of Iceland, where Rúnar Kristjánsson at the company’s Sauðárkrókur net loft fine-tuned the design of these high-efficiency trawls in co-operation with the skipper and crew of Fisk Seafood’s trawler Málmey.

  • Fiskevegn

    Norwegian technology – Danish success


    Norwegian auto long-lining system designers and manufacturers Fiskevegn are continuing to expand their focus on improving operations for inshore fishermen.

  • Belitronic

    Belitronic’s jigger gets an upgrade – after 23 years


    Belitronic’s jigging machine has hardly changed for years – until now. According to brothers Thomas and Patrik Neuendorf who run the Lunde-based company, the BJ5000 jigging machine that has been in service since 1994 has just had its first major upgrade.

  • Going demersal

    Going demersal with FS


    Fishering Service (FS) is best known for its pelagic trawl gear, but is now returning to its roots with demersal gear for a customer in the Russian Far East.

  • Coming back for more

    Coming back for more


    The HMPE warps supplied by Dutch company Flying Dutchman have performed well and some customers are already coming back for repeat orders, according to Erik Meijer.

  • MLD

    Door control from the wheelhouse


    The idea of a pair of trawl doors that can be adjusted at the turn of a dial has been extensively experimented with.

  • Bacalao 740 hits the spot

    Bacalao 740 hits the spot


    Ålesund trawler Atlantic Viking has seen some notable successes with its Bacalao trawls from Vóninand.

  • SNG Lerwick

    SNG opens major Shetland division


    Killybegs-based Swan Net Gundry (SNG) fishing gear manufacturers have officially opened a new state-of-the-art net loft and stores premises in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands which will enhance their current facilities and allow the company to extend its area of operations.

  • Marin Teknikk will deliver two new longliners to Ervik Havfiske

    Marin Teknikk secures longliner contracts


    Marin Teknikk has entered into contracts with Ervik Havfiske two new longliner vessels.

  • News

    Nets on display at Nor-Fishing


    Richan Netting MFG Co, Ltd is a professional net maker for nylon twisted and braided net, Nylon monofilament and multifilament net, PE and Polyester net, Raschel net, purse seine, safety net, rope, twine, and other fishing accessories.

  • Vónin has designed and developed its own range of trawl doors

    Vónin branches out into trawl design


    Vónin has branched out to design and develop its own range of trawl doors, in cooperation with a leading specialist in fluid and aerodynamics.

  • Netting in a T90 configuration. It may feel wrong, but why?

    Why didn’t we do that before?


    Like so many bright ideas, it´s the one that has been staring us in the face for…well, for ever, almost.

  • A screenshot from Vestmannaey’s wheelhouse showing the Poseidon trawl doors responding to the skipper’s alterations

    Taking trawl doors to a new level


    There has been plenty of development of trawl doors since the days when they were just that; arrays of heavy oak planks bound up in an iron frames, hence the name. WF&A''s new columnist, Quentin Bates, reports.

  • François Charrayre

    Morgère appointment will spearhead trawl door development


    Trawl systems manufacturer, Morgère, has appointed François Charrayre as its new design engineer.