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  • Bacalao 740 hits the spot

    Bacalao 740 hits the spot


    Ålesund trawler Atlantic Viking has seen some notable successes with its Bacalao trawls from Vóninand.

  • SNG Lerwick

    SNG opens major Shetland division


    Killybegs-based Swan Net Gundry (SNG) fishing gear manufacturers have officially opened a new state-of-the-art net loft and stores premises in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands which will enhance their current facilities and allow the company to extend its area of operations.

  • Marin Teknikk will deliver two new longliners to Ervik Havfiske

    Marin Teknikk secures longliner contracts


    Marin Teknikk has entered into contracts with Ervik Havfiske two new longliner vessels.

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    Nets on display at Nor-Fishing


    Richan Netting MFG Co, Ltd is a professional net maker for nylon twisted and braided net, Nylon monofilament and multifilament net, PE and Polyester net, Raschel net, purse seine, safety net, rope, twine, and other fishing accessories.

  • Vónin has designed and developed its own range of trawl doors

    Vónin branches out into trawl design


    Vónin has branched out to design and develop its own range of trawl doors, in cooperation with a leading specialist in fluid and aerodynamics.

  • Netting in a T90 configuration. It may feel wrong, but why?

    Why didn’t we do that before?


    Like so many bright ideas, it´s the one that has been staring us in the face for…well, for ever, almost.

  • A screenshot from Vestmannaey’s wheelhouse showing the Poseidon trawl doors responding to the skipper’s alterations

    Taking trawl doors to a new level


    There has been plenty of development of trawl doors since the days when they were just that; arrays of heavy oak planks bound up in an iron frames, hence the name. WF&A''s new columnist, Quentin Bates, reports.

  • François Charrayre

    Morgère appointment will spearhead trawl door development


    Trawl systems manufacturer, Morgère, has appointed François Charrayre as its new design engineer.

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    New bycatch reduction device to be trialled


    A new industry-designed bycatch reduction device (BRD) will be trialled in the Northern Prawn Fishery over the next two weeks.

  • Adjustments in the wings had a direct impact on the trawl

    Major milestone achieved for controllable trawl doors


    Notus Electronics Ltd of Canada and Polar Trawl Doors of Iceland have partnered to develop controllable trawl doors that are wirelessly controlled from the ship.

  • FISA’s polyethylene anti predator netting

    FISA launches new website and unveils new logo


    Fibras Industriales S.A. (FISA), a global company active in net, aquaculture manufacturing and fabrication, has launched its new webpage and logo.

  • The PX InSight sensor selecting tool generates a 3D image of the trawl

    New app simplifies trawl monitoring configuration


    A new Windows® app has been designed to support distributors, dealers and end-users in creating a cost-effective Simrad PX MultiSensor package that delivers optimal performance for single or double trawls.

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    Green light stops sea turtle deaths


    Conservation biologists have found that illuminating fishing nets is a cost-effective means of dramatically reducing the number of sea turtles getting caught and dying unnecessarily.

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    $20,000 prize for bycatch reduction solutions


    The NPF Industry Pty Ltd (NPFI) is offering $20,000 in prize money for skippers, owners or crew who can develop strategies to help reduce bycatch in the Commonwealth Northern Prawn Fishery by 30% within three years.

  • Gevred

    Building tomorrow’s fishing


    Fishing net manufacturer Le Drezen has recently supplied a purse seine net to Gevred, Compagnie Française du Thon Océanique (CFTO)’s new 77m freezer tuna seiner.

  • Morgère’s new Cyclops monitoring system

    New Cyclops system from Morgère


    Morgère has launched an innovative new monitoring system called Cyclops that enables pair trawlers to optimise trawl performance.

  • EMS Camera on board a Ghanaian purse seiner. © J. Million

    EMS systems trialled on tuna vessels in Fiji and Ghana


    The monitoring of fishing activities at sea is on the verge of making an important step forward with the development and deployment of Electronic Monitoring Systems (EMS).

  • ‘Cap Kersaint’

    ‘Cap Kersaint’ delivered


    Shipyard Piriou has recently delivered a new 60m deepfreezer longliner, ‘Cap Kersaint’, to shipowner Cap Bourbon.

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    Bridon agrees £3m of major vessel supply deals


    Wire and fibre rope manufacturer, Bridon, has agreed a number of major new vessel supply deals in Asia and the North Atlantic totalling more than £3m over the last 18-24 months.

  • Seafish will be running a series of trawl gear training courses in 2016. Image supplied by Seafish:

    UK trawl gear technology courses 2016


    UK authority Seafish will be running a series of trawl gear training courses at the Sintef Flume Tank in Hirtshals in 2016.