Redes Salinas SA

Manuafacturer of special purse seining nets for tuna and horse mackerel, also trawl gear, ropes and twines.

We dedicate effort and technological potential to achieve the highest quality in our fishing nets. For its strength and durability, a reference for shipowners and fishing patterns.

Tradition and technological progress
Redes Salinas is a company founded in 1973 by the Salinas Navarro brothers, who are currently owners of the same. It is a family business located in the province of Alicante. After the experience acquired during the prosperous years of the natural fiber industry, the market was forced to adapt to the new synthetic fibers. All the manual processes were left aside and we knew how to acquire the production means necessary to be competitive.

We have always understood the fishing sector as a traditional sector in which we must be able to listen to the final consumer of the product, but also offer continuous improvements in the production process. Since our beginnings, at the beginning of the seventies, we understood that it was essential to update our technology continuously. We accept the challenge and thanks to this philosophy of permanent innovation we obtain networks of proven quality, since we offered a product that always has the latest advances in the industry.

In short, we join our experience to that of our clients, creating the most appropriate and personalized product possible. That's why in Redes Salinas, we have always evolved in parallel to the fishing industry, responding effectively to their new needs.


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