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Bjørdal – seafood processing solutions for present and future

PE Bjørdal AS (BJØRDAL) is a Norwegian industry company that for more than 100 years has delivered own products and services to the industry. Today clients from fisheries, aquaculture, fish farming, energy, shipping and land construction are our premium customers. We are located in Ørsta on the west coast of Norway.

BJØRDAL is a key provider of technology and stainless steel products used to tailor the best possible quality of seafood processing systems and other solutions found in our fishery and aquaculture portfolio.

Bjørdal Fishery delivers safe and efficient handling and processing of white fish onboard fishing vessel and onshore at processing plants. Our clients are local, national and international. Bjørdal last deliveries includes the most advanced filet processing factory onboard Ramoen and highly advanced crab processing factories onboard several new builds.

Bjørdal Aquaculture delivers solutions to both smolt farming plants onshore and the large sea farming plants. Bjørdal have patented solutions for the service industry handling the vast number of services required by the Aquaculture industry. BJØRDAL delivers the world largest net washing machines in use today.

Bjørdal Construction delivers tailored steel for buildings, shipping and offshore as well as the premium cruise liners built at Norwegian yards. Our recent stainless steel delivery includes clients like the Norwegian coastal cruise liners.

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