A & S Thai Works Co., Ltd.

A & S Thai Works Co., Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of fishmeal and rendering plants in Asia Pacific.

Since 1986, we have delivered, installed and commissioned more than 240 complete plants. As of 2013, nearly all are still running.
What is fishmeal?

Fishmeal is dried and sterilized fish powder used for animal feed. Fishmeal has the most complete, balanced and nutritious protein content of all food and feed stuffs available and is used as a protein ingredient in animal feeds, mostly for chicken, pig, shrimp and fish.

Fishmeal for human consumption is being made in small quantities for high protein additives (Europe) or food additive (Asia), and although its nutrition is superb, the fish powder smells strongly from fish and has a sand like consistency and is not that popular to eat.

What Does A Fishmeal Plant Do?

The job of a fishmeal plant is mainly to remove the water from raw fish and also to separate as much fish oil as possible (OFP plants only). The fishmeal plant does not remove or add protein, what "goes in is what comes out", but a good fishmeal plant retains the protein and nutrition qualities in the fish.

Raw fish is easy perishable (becomes rotten), can be stored for only a short time under normal temperature and should be kept as cool as possible and processed as soon as possible.

Fish contains nearly 70 % water which makes it heavy to transport. Yield ratio is about 4 kg fish to make one kg fishmeal. During the fishmeal processing the fish is sterilized, the water is removed (only 6-10% moisture is left) and the end product is a fine, light brown powder with high protein content, low oil and moisture content and very long storage time.


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