Dr Thor Sigfusson, Founder & Chairman of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, returns to chair this year’s event.

Sigfusson is an Icelandic entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is the founder and chairman of Iceland Ocean Cluster and is also the co-founder of Codland, Hlemmur Food Hall and Sjó-Food Hall. He has written five books on topics of international business, knowledge networks and salmon.

Since establishing the Iceland Ocean Cluster, Sigfusson has spent his time speaking to audiences in the US and Europe about the opportunities in building networks in the marine industry. In 2015, Sigfusson co-founded a sister cluster to the IOC, the New England Ocean Cluster to drive new ideas in the marine industry.

With years of experience and using the research and information generated from Iceland Ocean Cluster, Sigfusson founded Codland in September 2012. The cluster also initiated the North Atlantic Marine Cluster Project, which works to increase relations between ocean and marine industries in the North Atlantic. In 2013, he founded the company Collagen with the aim to use fish skin to create marine collagen. In 2016 he co-founded Hlemmur Food Hall, Sjó-Food Hall and Reykjavik Foods.

Commenting on the industry Sigfusson made reference to the fact that, "the global seafood industry dumps nearly 10 million tons of perfectly good fish back into the ocean or uses it as landfill. At the same time nearly 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks are threatened by overfishing. The IceFish Conference is a way for all of us to address the problem by bringing together people with hands on experience in fish byproduct utilization."

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