Tuna freezer launched

10 Sep 2013


On 7 September the tuna freezer IZARO was launched at Zamakona Yards in Bilbao, Spain.

The 1,900m3 vessel belongs to the Echebastar Group, and the investment in the vessel is €30m. Delivery is scheduled for January 2014.

This is the first ship of a new generation of tuna fishers and has been designed for purse seining in fishing grounds in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. The vessel has a single controllable propeller and 20 tanks for freezing and conservation of tuna. Four of them will be used for ultra freezing.

Fish will be held in tanks and by a system of immersion in brine, then the tuna will be preserved dry frozen in the same tank. To facilitate fishing operations, an onboard passive stabilisation system has been installed.

The vessel will have accommodation for 40 people and will have nursing for three.

“We thank Echebastar Board for putting their confidence in our yard and we assure that we will meet and exceed all expectations for this project,” said the president of Zamakona Yards, D. Peter Garaygordobil.

Zamakona Yards is currently involved in a number of other fishing projects, including: Polaris Ronja - transportation ship and treatment of live fish for the company Sølvtrans AS; and Ljubica - a tuna fisher for the company Hartswater Ltd.

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