‘Gadus Neptun’ delivered

01 Apr 2014
Gadus Neptun

Gadus Neptun

Norwegian company Havfisk named the third trawler in the ‘Gadus-series’, the newly delivered ‘Gadus Neptun’, at the beginning of March.

The vessel was built by Vard Brattvaag in Norway, and has been designed for year-round fishing in the North Sea, Northern Atlantic and Barents Sea waters.

It is designed and equipped for bottom and pelagic trawling duties, with a focus on good sea-keeping abilities. The deck layout and electrical winch equipment is arranged for both single- and twin-trawling.

The vessel is environmental friendly with a focus on low fuel consumption and precautions equivalent to DNV’s CLEAN CLASS requirements have been incorporated in the design.

Gadus Neptun is arranged as a stern trawler with twin screw and diesel electric power system, and it features a modern, efficient, hygienic and automatic fish processing factory.

Offal from fish processing will be produced into fishmeal.

Accommodation and equipment is for 25 persons

Main particulars
Length overall: 69.8m
Length between p.p.: 62.4m
Breadth moulded: 15.6m
Depth main deck: 6.85m

Freezing hold: 1,200m3
Packing hold: 380m3
Meal store: 140m3
Fish receiving bins: 70m3
Fuel oil: 600m3
Fresh water: 150m3


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