Live Food Fish Carrier wins international ship design competition

10 Jan 2006

A group from the University of Newcastle’s School of Marine Science and Technology won the international prize given by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the US professional engineering body for the marine industry, for the design of a novel and innovative Live Food Fish Carrier for the transatlantic live lobster trade.

An extensive economic study and fleet analysis for the route suggested a single 10,000T monohull vessel with a service speed of 20 knots and carrying a payload of 5,400 tonnes. The lobsters are shipped in a cold and wet environment in a specially design lobster holding system in four tanks with refrigerated sea water circulation. The vessel has diesel electric propulsion driving two compact azipod propulsors. Group leader, Laura Philips (Naval Architecture), went to Houston, Texas, to receive the award. “It is a tribute to the excellent all round ship design education that the School at Newcastle offers,” she said.

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers invites universities worldwide to compete for the Dr James A Lysnik Student Ship Design Competition (SSDC).

Since 1995, University of New Castle Marine Technology students have won first prize for the SSDC seven times.