Seattle welcomes Naust Marine

Naust Marine’s Spooling Gear
Naust Marine’s Spooling Gear
Panel of the ATW system
Panel of the ATW system
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Last year Icelandic company Naust Marine opened its subsidiary, Naust Marine USA, in Seattle.

The foundations for the US company were laid in recent years by Naust Marine’s marketing team in Iceland, and by opening the subsidiary Naust Marine wanted to build on these foundations, strengthening its market position and giving custumers easier access to information regarding electrical winches and other electrical equipment for trawlers.

The company reports that reception to the new company in the first year has been very good, with great interest being shown in Naust Marine’s systems and equipment in Seattle.

The largest fishing companies in the area have already set up Naust Marine systems for towing winches and cable winches onboard some of their trawlers and there are plans to add net winches in the autumn.

In January an ATW system from Naust Marine was set up with electrical towing winches and cable winches onboard trawler Kodiak Enterprise, owned by Trident Seafoods - one of the biggest fishing companies in the area. Further sales are being considered as it is Trident’s aim to adopt more environmentally friendly technology. Changing from hydraulic winches to electrical ones is a big step in that direction.

Naust Marine has also sold and installed equipment onboard trawlers Bristol Explorer and Ocean Explorer, owned by B & N Fisheries, and trawlers Northern Eagle and Northern Jaeger, owned by American Seafoods. In addition, an Electrical Spooling Gear (ESG) from Naust Marine will be installed onboard trawler American Dynasty in time for the Alaska B season starting in June.

The Spooling Gear, for better reeling, is one of Naust Marine’s newer products, while the company’s main product - the ATW (Automatic Trawling Winch) control system - is now in use on board more than 80 ships around the world. Newer products, such as the ESG and the AutoGen power management system have also attracted attention and been set up with several winch types onboard different types of trawlers and ships.

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