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Fishing boats go for 64 bar winches

01 Jun 2005

By increasing the working pressure from 47 to 64 bar Rauma Brattvaag says its BRH64 winch technology provides 30-45% increase in power from the same frame size, together with simpler and cheaper installation.

The company says the fishing vessel sector has been pleased with the move and the gear reinforces the merits of hydraulic winches.

The largest vessel to be built so far for the Danish fishing fleet, at Karstensens' shipyard for Niels Jensen & Co., will use the new winch system. It is being supplied as part of a Rolls-Royce design and equipment package based on the NVC 354 design. The 76m purse seiner/pelagic trawler will target herring, mackerel, capelin and blue whiting.

Also in Denmark, Flemming Pedersen has specified 64 bar hydraulic winches for their 62m pelagic trawler Cattleya. The Klondyke Fishing Co., in Scotland, has returned to NVC design for its latest trawler which will have a BRH64 winch system Klondyke has specified the first Bergen BV long-stroke engine to power the new vessel, a BV 32:40V12P, developing 6,000kW.

Karstensens Skibsværft in Denmark is handling the 51m pelagic trawler Western Viking for Frank Doherty in Ireland. After equipping some boats with high-pressure hydraulics, the owner has come back to Rauma Brattvaag winches and is using BRH64 technology.

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