Fishermen’s Finest choses Ibercisa

22 Nov 2014
The 'M/S America’s Finest' will be built at Dakota Creek Industries in Washington using an ST-116 OL design

The 'M/S America’s Finest' will be built at Dakota Creek Industries in Washington using an ST-116 OL design. Credit: Skipsteknisk

Ibercisa has been contracted to supply the deck machinery for a new vessel for US company Fishermen’s Finest.

America’s Finest will be the first to adhere to the new rules regarding energy efficiency in the US, and Fishermen Finest has given priority to promoting efficient energy use by supplying electric drive to all its deck machinery.

"This machinery is undoubtedly a new departure for fishing vessels towards electrical drive," explains Ramon Carreira, general manager of Ibercisa. “To have this type of equipment allows improved operational performance onboard the vessel - less power installed, better flexibility to overcharge electrical engines for temporary use by increasing par; lower installation costs, elimination of pipes and onboard oils, simplification of onboard systems, improved noise levels, and more environmentally friendly, not forgetting considerable savings in fuel costs".

Apart from control systems the Ibercisa order is comprised of the following:

  • Two electric split trawl winches electrically driven by a 360 kW - 600 rpm - 440 V, controlled by frequency converter; with a capacity for 3000m rope Ø34mm or 3.400m Ø32mm with a pull of 49.5 tons at first lay at 37.8m/min
  • Two electric Gilson winches driven by 75 kW a 1800 rpm; with capacity for 125m of Ø40mm rope and pulling power of 22.2 tons at 19m/min on the first layer
  • Six electric sweepline winches driven by 110 kW motor a6 1800 rpm with a capacity of 1.1m of Ø28mm wire and a line pull of 14.3 tons at 30m/min
  • Two electric net sounder winches driven by electric motor of 55 kW at 1800 rpm; with capacity of 4m of Ø11.3mm wire and with a capacity for 5.5 tons at a speed of 55m/min
  • Two electric cod end winches driven by electrical motor 75kW at 1800 rpm with a capacity for 150m wire of Ø22mm and a line pull power of 12.9 tons at 32.4m/min
  • Three electric net drums: one driven by an electric motor of 260 kW a 1800 rpm with capacity of 20m3 of net and a line pull power of 29.8 tons at 45m/min; another with a motor of 30 kW and a motor of 30 kW at 1800 rpm with a capacity for 13m3 of net and a pull of 5.5 tons at 28m/min; and a third drum with dual control for a motor of 105kW at 1800 rpm with capacity for 14m3 of net (2x7m3)
  • One electric auxiliary anchor winch driven by a 55 kW motor at 1000 rpm and capacity for 370m of 44mm wire and a pull of 21.2 tons at 12.4 m/min
  • One electric mooring winch driven by 18.5 Kw motor at 1800 rpm with capacity for 290mm chain of 28mm and a pull of 9.3 tons at 11m/min
  • Two electric auxiliary winches of 45 kW at 1800 rpm with a pull of 7.8 tons at 31.8m/min on the first layer
  • Two electric auxiliary winches with 5 kW motor at 1800 rpm with automatic and electromagnetic brake with a capacity for 60m of Ø12mm chain and a pull of 0.8 tons at 37 m/min on the first layer

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