The next generation research vessel

Aranda. Credit: Jukka Pajala Aranda. Credit: Jukka Pajala

Marine research vessel 'Aranda' is to be renovated to meet the needs of future marine research in the Baltic Sea.

The renovation will reduce the Finnish vessel's operating costs, increase its energy efficiency and reduce its emissions.

The planning of the renovation will begin this year, with the actual renovation taking place during in 2017-2018. The vessel will be out of operation for approximately six months while the renovation is being carried out.

Aranda was deployed in 1989 and no longer meets the needs of modern marine research, following the rapid development of instruments suitable for multidisciplinary, year-round research over the last few decades.

"The aim of modernising the vessel's research equipment is to ensure the high quality of Finnish marine research, even at the international level, and to improve the modifiability of the equipment for different research purposes. In addition, the goal is to make communication at sea more efficient and diversified in order to meet the needs of the real-time reporting of experiments and research carried out at sea," said Senior Adviser Jukka Pajala from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

The goal of reducing Aranda’s operating costs will be achieved by investing in energy-efficient, low-emission solutions, which also makes it possible to use the vessel in researching low-emission fuels and other emissions from vessels.

Mr Pajala tells WF&A that SYKE has not yet decided which solutions to apply, but the institute has recently put out a request for quotations including studies on:

  • Diesel electric machinery, options and their impact on the energy economy, emissions and performance of the vessel
  • Waste heat potential for exploitation
  • Available fuel options, economy and emissions, as well as a fuel cell based electricity production
  • Possibilities for the use of solar and wind energy onboard
  • Update of laboratory arrangement (sampling, analysis, storage)
  • Advanced HVIAC system for laboratories

“We have been testing 100% bio fuel in heating boiler and made a study about LED applications. I would be very interested to test a fuel cell with LNG”, he tells WF&A.

Another objective of the renovation is to highlight and strengthen the competence and competitiveness of Finnish companies with regard to the vessels' production and use of energy, marine robotics, satellite communications, underwater acoustics and laboratory equipment. After its renovation, Aranda will act as the Finnish marine industry's flagship for construction of special-purpose vessels.

“As we are doing trawling for research purposes, our plan includes special management of underwater noise caused by the ship and new acoustic fish detection systems”, Mr Pajala adds.

Aranda plays an important role in continuing marine research at an international level in Finland. In the future, its missions will be mainly related to the physical, chemical-biological, meteorological and geological study of the Baltic Sea. In addition, the vessel will be increasingly used for teaching purposes.

Over the last 25 years, Aranda has played a very important role in developing the Finnish arctic competence in ice research, winter navigation and arctic technology. It is the only marine research vessel that operates in the ice in the Bothnian Bay. In the future, the renovated vessel will offer new opportunities to deepen the Finnish arctic competence and marine research that is recognised around the world.

For more information on the steps Aranda is taking to reduce its carbon load, please click here or see WF&A May 2015, page 20.


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