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12 Aug 2015
The 12M26.3 engine

The 12M26.3 engine

DT-Interlink will present the new range of Moteurs Baudouin 6- and 12-cylinder high speed marine engines at DanFish in October.

DanFish will be the first opportunity to take a closer look to the engine, which has been especially designed for fishing boats. 

DT-Interlink is offering DK5000 in discount per cylinder from the old engine when replaced with the new 6M26.3 engine from Moteurs Baudouin.

The new six-cylinder inline 6M26.3 engine has a 15.9L displacement, while the 12-cylinder vee configuration 12M26.3 engine is 31.8L. The engines deliver from 441 to 1214kW (591 to 1628hp) at rated speeds of 1800 to 2300rpm.

The engines are designed to achieve the most economical marine power in terms of fuel saving, as well as continuous power optimised time between overhaul. The M26.3 is specifically dedicated to marine and inland shipping propulsion applications, as well as onboard auxiliary power. The M26.3 is IMO Tier 3 and EPA Tier 4 approved.

First deliveries to customers are expected by the third quarter of 2015.

DanFish International 2015
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