Sludge handling almost eliminated

16 Sep 2013

At DanFish International, C.C.Jensen A/S will present its latest solution in oil filtration for the fishing fleet - a filter that eliminates the sludge problem in lube and diesel oils and reduces the need for oil change.

Oil filtration, compared to traditional solutions like centrifuges and purifiers, has several advantages when it comes to reducing the impact on the environment, says the company.

Oil has to be clean to work properly, regardless of its purpose. In the fishing world problems caused by sludge, soot, water and particles in lube oil and diesel oil cost operators and ship owners manpower and money every day.

The problems primarily come in two different categories: Firstly, the sludge, water and particle contamination of the oil increase the wear and tear and very often lead to machine breakdowns.

Secondly, getting rid of sludge is very costly. Also, part of the removed sludge actually consists of oil that has to be replaced by fresh oil, resulting in further expense.

Traditionally, the problems caused by sludge and particles have been approached by means of cleaning the oil. This can be done by either separating or purifying the oil in, for example, a centrifuge or by filtering the oil. Modern and effective offline oil filters can actually, with almost 100% efficiency, remove water and even the smallest particles.

Sludge is one of the major costs in the operating of many types of fishing vessels. It has to be stored properly onboard, and removal of the sludge is only possible at harbor and at a considerable cost. In addition to this, operators also have the expense of replacing the lost lube oil in the systems.

C.C.Jensen A/S
DanFish International
Stand D864

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