EnSolve launches compact PetroLiminator® oil water separator system

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EnSolve Biosystems has successfully completed and passed the MEPC 107(49) certification tests for its new compact PetroLiminator 200M (PL 200M) Oil Water Separator (OWS) system.

“We are very excited about this new product for many reasons,” explained Jason Caplan, president of EnSolve. “First, it has an attractive price point that allows us to compete with almost every OWS product on the market. Second, it has a very small footprint, thus permitting installation on any class vessel. And third, the effluent quality and process through put are exceptional.”

EnSolve’s patented PetroLiminator system is the first and only marine OWS that uses a combination of physical and biological means to treat oily bilge water. Like its PL 630M predecessor, the PL 200M OWS system incorporates safe microorganisms to consume hydrocarbon wastes in the ship’s bilge water, so treated bilge water can be safely and legally discharged overboard. It treats both pure and emulsified oil, as well as detergents, degreasers and other chemicals in the water. This “green” technology generates minimal hazmats and produces no harmful by-products. No flocculant or coagulant chemicals are used, substantially reducing sludge accumulation. It works totally unattended 24 hours a day. A built-in fail-safe oil content monitor ensures that no accidental discharge can occur.

Customers using the PetroLiminator include owners of cruise lines, oil tankers, container ships, passenger ferries, ore carriers, off-shore drill platforms, work boats, oil exploration vessels, commercial fishing vessels and government ships.

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