Biolubes ‘help you save money and be green’

19 Nov 2010

Throughout its 180-year history, Vickers Oils has led the way in the development of marine lubricants and has long associations with the fishing industry. Vickers Neox range of stern tube lubricants were for many decades the standard products in the UK fishing industry and are still used today.

As part of its product development programme, in 1997 Vickers became the first company to introduce biodegradable lubricants to the marine market. Continued development of this biolube range has attracted demand from all sectors of the marine industry, including fishermen.

Vickers biolubes can help operators increase their environmental profile and protect the oceans from pollution caused by oil leaks. But they also find that using Vickers biolubes can reduce operating costs.

The advanced technology used by Vickers in the development of their products means that the in-service performance is significantly better than standard mineral oils. The Vickers bio-hydraulic fluid, Ecosure HSE, has proven both in laboratory tests and in-service use that it can offer up to four times the fluid life of other comparable biodegradable fluids and mineral based hydraulic fluids.

This gives the operator the double benefit of saving money and being green, said a Vickers spokesman.

Similarly, Vickers biodegradable stern tube lubricant Hydrox Bio offers both cost efficiencies and environmental benefits. Developed from the same technology that produced the Hydrox mineral based stern tube oil, widely recognised throughout the marine industry as the ‘best available’, Hydrox Bio offers the same performance benefits of superior shaft and bearing protection.

 In the event of water ingress into the stern tube, Hydrox Bio continues to provide effective lubrication with up to 20% seawater, by forming a stable emulsion, allowing the vessel to operate until repairs can safely be carried out.

In addition, HYDROX BIO is the only stern tube lubricant recognised by the Gothenburg Harbour in their green report as part of the ‘Clean Shipping Project’.

These products, plus the recently introduced Vickers Bio Grease and Bio Gear lubricants are proven to be non-toxic to sea life.

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