Competence in whitefish since 1919

13 Jul 2016
Direct transport from the filleting machine to the skinner

Direct transport from the filleting machine to the skinner

BAADER has been manufacturing solutions for whitefish processing since 1919.

The company has recently launched a new filleting machine for whitefish, in combination with a state-of-the-art skinning machine.

The combination of the BAADER 582 filleting machine with the BAADER 59 Whitefish Skinner contributes to a more efficient work flow in the line and to higher economy.

The BAADER 582 has been designed to the produce best fillet quality. It is designed in a completely new manner with respect to hygiene, food safety, maintenance, performance, fillet quality and production control. Due to computer controlled tools and self-adapting fish guides, less miss-cuts and less stops occur. This reduces necessary trimming effort in conjunction with best fillet quality.

The machine is very comfortable in operation. A wide working range can be processed without adjustments and the customer can switch over between different species by easy settings via the Touchpanel.

The company claims that the quality of the fillet is probably the best in the world, especially in the high value loin area. The membrane in this area stays intact. Due to the new cutting process, without stickle and scraper knives, there is no stress on the fillet. This is extremely important with soft fish. The black belly skin is perfectly removed.

The BAADER 59 Whitefish Skinner has been especially designed for cod, saithe and haddock.

It is designed to handle fillets tail first, producing a shallow skinned high yielding fillet. Due to a special technique it is possible to ensure a perfect skinning result even at the tail tip – producing a fillet that is smooth like a mirror.  

One special feature of this machine is that the skinned fillets leave the machine stretched out and separated from each other for easy inspection and further processing. No manual straightening is necessary.

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