Trackwell solution puts QR codes on the menu

05 Dec 2013

Recent studies show that consumers are generally willing to pay higher prices for responsible fish products.

Certification of origin is one of the key factors within the seafood industry and it is important for the safety assurance and quality to be able to trace a specific product to its origin. QR codes have been used in the food industry to add details of the product, but Trackwell has launched a solution where it is also possible to use this technique for traceability purposes and for quality control.

An Icelandic start-up company Icelandic Fish Export,which is the first customer to use the traceability solution, supplies fresh Atlantic cod and other species caught by longliners from the Vestfjords. The fish is sold directly to top-quality restaurants in Reykjavik and in the UK.

Trace your fish
When the fish is processed and packed, traceability information is retrieved from the electronic logbook, supplied by Trackwell, onboard the vessel. This system generates a QR code label, which holds all information about the catch.

When the fish arrives at it‘s destination, for example at a restaurant, a QR code is added to the menu. Customers can scan the QR code with their smart phones and obtain detailed information of the catch of the day on the menu. It provides information such as where, when and how the fish was caught, including a map showing the fishing grounds of the particular fish being served.

Another aspect of how the system can be used is the monitoring of the productivity of the fishing. Product Manager keeps track of the value of the catch per haul. It can also be used to monitor the cost, time and effort of the fishing expedition.

The system logs the speed and sailed distance of the vessel along with all its activity, including when hauls begin and towing times. It is therefore possible to link the oil consumption with the fishing activity in order to analyse the actual cost per kilogramme of catch. This also makes it possible to estimate the cost of different options of fishing in advance for the captains.

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