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Aucxis has won the contract for the implementation of a track and trace solution based on RFID technology to be implemented in fish auctions in Belgium.

The objective of the contract – awarded by Vereniging Vlaamse Visveilingen (Union of Flemish Fish Auctions) - is to roll out a track and trace solution in the three Belgian fish auctions of Zeebrugge, Ostend and Nieuwpoort, after a positive pilot project in September.

The basic principle of the project is that the product information is linked to the fish boxes which are followed as far as their final destination in the chain.

Aucxis also won the contract for a complementary project involving the development of a box pool management system and web application for the 86,000 new RFID fish boxes. In a later stage, all existing fish boxes will be tagged in order to obtain a comprehensive management of all fish boxes circulating at the three fish auctions and throughout the chain.

The RFID solution proposed by Aucxis includes the supply of 15 fork-lift truck terminals, 39 RFID portals, four industrial input terminals for the fish box pool management and 12 RFID handheld scanners. Both contracts together represent a value of €582,000.

This RFID project is not Aucxis’ first in the fishing industry - last year, in close collaboration with the fish auction of Urk (Visveiling Urk) and four other parties, Aucxis developed a proof of concept based on RFID technology, amongst others, allowing the realisation of a sound ‘track & trace’ methodology and environment that can serve as a model for the rest of the fisheries industry.

The concept was tested by practical experience and the results achieved were very promising. At any time, Visveiling Urk knows the position of its tagged fish boxes and all parties involved can identify the fish in the boxes. Today the team continues to fine-tune its durable solution, suitable to operate in the specific environmental conditions of the fishing industry and offering a forward-looking answer to European legislation regarding traceability of fish throughout the chain, from net to plate.

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