PPS East introduces fish box management system

28 May 2013
PPS’ fish box supply will now be managed by an internet monitoring system

PPS’ fish box supply will now be managed by an internet monitoring system

Grimsby, UK, based PPS East, supplier of plastic fish boxes, tubs and pallets to the seafood industry, has introduced an internet based fish box management system to all Humber fish merchants who buy their fish from the Grimsby fish auction market.

The system called Enable™ will now monitor and manage boxes which are placed on Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprise auction hall for fish that is graded and sold there every day.

PPS East has supplied boxes for this purpose over the past 25 years, but in recent times the company’s fish market box pool has been seriously depleted due to lost equipment. This is mainly due to the fish being re-sold after the auction, and sent out of the Humber area whilst still inside the PPS boxes. The tracking and retrieval of the traditional yellow boxes has been impossible to monitor, meaning the whole box pool has been substantially reduced.

After investing £100,000 in new boxes in 2012 to maintain a workable pool, it was necessary for PPS East to introduce procedures to make sure that the boxes are returned. Increased responsibility by the introduction of User Agreements had to be put in place for fish merchants buying from the auction.

Fish box volumes bought by each fish merchant are now recorded when they leave the market hall, and the same number of boxes per merchant have to be brought back to PPS, or collected by them within 48 hours. With the introduction of the new processes the leakage has reduced, but there is still a way to go before PPS are satisfied that they have collected most of their existing stock of boxes.

PPS East has also secured business from a new Icelandic salmon farm, which has decided to transport whole salmon to the UK for processing in PPS’s 25kg plastic reusable boxes.

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