New seafood solutions from DB Schenker

31 Mar 2014

At Seafood Processing Global 2014, DB Schenker will present special solutions for the global seafood industry.

All around the world, DB Schenker teams handle seafood in end-to-end supply chains and offers customers innovative and cost-efficient transport and logistics solutions from one source. DB Schenker controls extensive operation managing logistics for seafood, regardless of where in the world the origin and destination are located, and of what type of transport mode desired. Solutions for seafood offered are thermo transport by road and rail, global ocean freight, and global air freight.

DB Schenker also connects the different modes of transport efficiently, for example. by the recently introduced new combined ocean and air service from Iceland for fresh seafood products through the London Heathrow gateway, offering global distribution.

Last year, well over 100,000 metric tons of fish were exported from Norway to Japan. Fresh fish from the North Atlantic, particularly salmon, is much in demand in all parts of the world. In 2013, for example, more than 150,000 metric tons of fish were transported to France. In total, more than 500 producers in Norway exported fish valued at around €7.3bn – around 2.3 million metric tons. DB Schenker exported nearly 400,000 metric tons of that figure.

Seafood Processing Global 2014
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