New generation of Craemer fish boxes

04 Jun 2013

At this year’s Seafood Processing Europe exhibition in Brussels, fish box manufacturer Craemer introduced its new generation of fish boxes.

The new generation comes in 20kg and 40kg boxes and can be nested and stacked with existing fish boxes of the same size, but have several improved features.

To help seafood companies achieve traceability throughout the chain, Craemer has added RFID technology to its new fish boxes. The RFID chip slots into the box and contains essential information such as what species the fish box is holding and where it was landed. This will also save time throughout the process of getting the fish from the vessel, to auction and to the processor, as all of the required information is readily available on the RFID chip.

The hand grips of the new boxes have been improved and made stronger and smoother. An additional rip in the handle cavity gives extra strength.

The base of the boxes have been optimised for quick and easy drainage, and the company has specially designed an outside draining system, along with lateral drainage to the front side and through base openings in the corners.

Finally, a stippled label area has been added so that labels can be removed if required, company logo stamping is offered on the long sides, and arrows are marked on the boxes for nesting and stacking.

Chris Neill, Craemer UK’s Project Manager Materials Handling, told World Fishing & Aquaculture that the company is currently evaluating feedback and making final changes to the design, and the first boxes should be available at the end of this year.

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