New Dolav Ace plastic pallet box

30 Sep 2015
The Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes and winchable Ace

The Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes and winchable Ace

Dolav is launching the new winchable Dolav Ace plastic pallet box at DanFish 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark, on 7-9 October.

“Our new winchable Dolav Ace has been developed for fish and fish by-product handling, transport and storage so we are launching it at DanFish, the first time we have exhibited here”, said Carsten Skouboe, business development manager at Dolav Denmark. 

“Dolav plastic pallet boxes are used at every stage of the wholesale fish industry, as we can show visitors to the Dolav Stand D770. A major company now uses Dolavs in the high-speed cold chain instead of insulated boxes.”

Mr Skouboe says that the main reason for this is that the Dolav Ace is lower cost, lower tare weight and so has a higher payload. Additionally, the Dolav wall does not have internal insulation material so it cannot be contaminated or made heavier with water getting in.

The Ace is 740, 540 or 440mm high on a 1200x1000 base. At 740mm high the Ace takes 620 litres, 900kg and max stack load of 5,000kg.

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