World’s smallest PLB

01 Aug 2013
Ocean Signal’s rescueMe PLB1

Ocean Signal’s rescueMe PLB1

This year Ocean Signal has introduced the world’s smallest Personal Locator Beacon the rescueME PLB1 which is typically 30% smaller than other PLBs.

Communications and safety at sea specialist Ocean Signal has developed the rescueME PLB1 to be as unobtrusive as possible and it is easily activated by one hand in even the most challenging conditions.

To activate the PLB, all that is required is for the antenna to be extended, the protective cover flipped up and the button pressed. The retractable antenna and flip-up cover have been specifically designed to prevent inadvertent use.

When activated the rescueME PLB1 will transmit accurate position data from its 66 channel GPS for a minimum of 24 hours, while the integrated strobe light ensures maximum visibility.

The rescueME PLB1 provides a seven year battery life, which is further supported by a seven year warranty. Even after more than 24 hours of continuous operation and when the battery power is insufficient to transmit the satellite signal, the PLB1’s homing beacon and strobe light will continue to operate. This high intensity strobe light features a moulded lens to enhance the visibility of its efficient LED, and gives a powerful 1 candela light emission.

The most reliable place to carry a PLB at sea is fitted to the lifejacket, but in situations where this is not possible a flotation lanyard is provided.