WiseFish and NAV in the cloud

15 Mar 2016

WiseFish is a system based on Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV business suite, and is described by its developer, Wise, as perfect for practically every aspect of running a business from accounts to production, sales, purchasing and quotations.

“We easily link WiseFish to other systems, peripherals and production equipment. WiseFish is built to allow products to be tracked from catch, through production and sales process, all the way to the consumer. It has an integral HACCP quality system assisting every step of the process,” says the company’s sales and marketing manager, Jón Heidar Pálsson.

By migrating infrastructure and NAV to an enterprise-class platform like Azure, the ‘tech concern’ is reduced, reducing the demand for IT staffing for small to mid-sized companies.

Wise offers the option to lease or buy and set preferences depending on the number of users, providing opportunities to streamline IT costs, phase out obsolete equipment and upgrade security.  

Mr Pálsson lays out the advantages: “Using Azure, it’s easy to deploy users on Dynamics NAV and WiseFish. The set-up is completed the same day. Working with a local partner, we assist with the configuration of WiseFish.”

“The upgrade to the newest versions of NAV and WiseFish was a success and provides a platform to keep pace with our expanding business,” said Páll Snorrason, CEO of Icelandic fishing and processing company, Eskja.

Seafood Processing Global, 26-28 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium
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