New Lunasea extreme beam spotlight

The 80-watt Extreme Beam Spotlight The 80-watt Extreme Beam Spotlight

The new 80-watt Extreme Beam Spotlight from Lunasea Lighting combines an intense LED module, premier optics, ultra-durable construction and a unique active cooling system.

Designed for commercial boats and larger yachts, it can be used for many purposes - from locating crab pots to search and rescue applications.

The spotlight projects intense, usable light (10,000+ Lumen) where it is needed the most, allowing the user to locate targets quickly and effectively, even at great distances.  Lunasea’s proprietary active cooling technology ensures effective temperature control under the most demanding conditions, while marine-grade, hard-anodized machined aluminium construction and stainless hardware protect the unit against the rigors of harsh, corrosive environments.

Compact yet powerful, the company claims that the spotlight’s intense beam, superior optics, encapsulated UL power supply and rugged enclosure make it an ideal alternative to high-power metal halide lights. Additional features include a heat-resistant tempered glass lens that shields the LED from the elements and impact, a Gore Breather Vent to prevent condensation from building up within the unit, and an adjustable stainless steel bracket for secure, flexible mounting.

“It truly comes as close as you can get to a 1,000-watt HID in regard to intensity,” said Allen Burley, president of Lunasea Lighting. “Anyone can make a spotlight with the same lumen output as a 1,000-watt HID, but no one in the industry can match the intensity of the Extreme Beam. That translates into being able to spot distant objects in a hurry, which in an urgent or emergency situation, can make all the difference in the world.”


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