Valuable US stocks rebuilt

07 May 2013
Coho salmon was one of the stocks successfully rebuilt in 2012

Coho salmon was one of the stocks successfully rebuilt in 2012

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 2012 annual report to Congress on the status of US fish stocks reveals that a number of valuable American species have successfully been rebuilt.

The report highlights the NOAA fisheries’ progress to ending overfishing and rebuilding stocks, collectively with the regional fishery management councils and stakeholders. According to the report, in 2012, the overall percentage of stocks not listed on the overfishing or overfished lists increased. In total, 10 stocks were removed from the overfishing list, includingYellowtail flounder, Red snapper, Caribbean Queen conch and Parrotfishes, among others. Four stocks were also removed from the overfished list: Coho salmon, Southern Tanner crab, Pink shrimp and Yellowtail flounder.

In addition, six stocks were declared rebuilt in 2012 – bringing the total number of rebuilt stocks to 32 since 2000.

The NOAA expects the number of stocks on the overfishing list to decrease even further as a result of successful management under annual catch limits.

Recent economic data illustrates that the overall seafood industry and recreational fishing continue to generate significant sales and income impacts, while also supporting jobs.

The NOAA says to build on the successin 2012, it needs to ensure the timely collection of data, develop more robust and frequent stock assessments, better assess the economic consequences of management actions, and improve understanding of environmental factors that impact fishery resources.

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