Trefjar delivers longliner to Norway

05 Feb 2010

Åsta B

Trefjar Ltd delivered Åsta B to Eskøy AS at the beginning of December 2009.

The vessel is a Cleopatra Fisherman 50 fitted out for longlining with an automatic baiting machine and will mainly fish for cod and haddock along the north coast of Norway. The vessel’s homeport is Tromso.

The construction is as follows: hand-laid GRP; vacuum-infused sandwich construction superstructure; isophtalic gelcoat and polyester resin; anti fouling paint below waterline; balsawood sandwich deck; and plywood frames, stringers and stiffeners.

Åsta B has three watertight spaces – the cabin/wheelhouse, fish hold and engine room – and three separate cabins to sleep six.
There is also a large fish hold for standard fish containers.

The vessel is fitted with a Mustad autoline system for 28,000 hooks, including an automatic baiting machine and re-racker. Åsta B also features a Bernskan “bag bait” machine; Beitir BS-230L line hauler; Buoyline hauler; bleeding/gutting box; 3X fish processing/chilling system; line tension control system; Kæling slurry ice machine; and a TMP300L marine crane with remote controls.

Technical specifications:

Boat model: Cleopatra Fisherman 50
Length overall 14.99m
Beam 4.65m
Depth 2.25m
Draught 1.4m
Working Deck: approx. 40m2
Fuel capacity 3000l
Water capacity 500l
Fish hold 42m3 (20pcs 660l bins and 20pcs 400l bins)
Main engine: Yanmar 6AYM-ETE 990hp
Gearbox: ZF 500IV-LD 1.96:1
Working speed: 12-18 knots

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