Thai Union outlines its traceability programme

13 Nov 2017
Thai Union is focusing on its traceability Photo: Thai Union

Thai Union is focusing on its traceability Photo: Thai Union

Thai Union Group PCL has been taking part in an innovative digital traceability pilot programme with other stakeholders.

The pilot project, being undertaken with Mars Petcare and other industry and government groups, has the potential to improve traceability and transparency throughout Thai waters, as well as the greater fishing industry since many issues in Thailand replicate themselves in other fishing communities around the world.

“Thai Union and Mars Petcare designed this digital traceability pilot program to help address these challenges,” said Darian McBain, Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development. “Digital traceability in supply chains is a big step toward ensuring sustainability.”

A new film produced as part of the programme reveals the state-of-the-art Inmarsat Fleet One terminals being successfully installed on fishing vessels in Thailand to increase their traceability.

It also explores how crew members, captains and fleet owners are now empowered to use mobile phone chat applications to connect with families and peers around the world while at sea, an apparent industry first for Thai fisheries.

“This pilot is a major step in the right direction for increased transparency and traceability in the seafood industry,” continued Mr McBain.

“Furthermore, it illustrates how companies like Thai Union and Mars are at the forefront of the effort to drive positive change, while consumers increasingly demand to know where their fish are caught, if the fishery is sustainable and how the people who catch their food are being treated.”

The digital traceability pilot programme is in line with Thai Union’s sustainable development strategy, SeaChange, which considers traceability as the backbone of sustainability.

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