Sustainable Scottish saithe

10 Oct 2013
The fishery catches around 10,000 tonnes of saithe each year. Photo:

The fishery catches around 10,000 tonnes of saithe each year. Photo:

The Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Accreditation Group (SFSAG) saithe fishery has received Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

Fishing with bottom trawls, pair trawls and Scottish seines, the certified fishery includes around 230 Scottish vessels catching around 10,000 tonnes of saithe each year.

Mike Park, chair, SFSAG, said: “Whilst the Scottish fleet continues to work hard on its environmental credentials, and to demonstrate a firm commitment to sustainability, we don’t always get the acknowledgement we deserve. MSC allows us to obtain recognition in a way the consumer can grasp; they know their choice is sustainable because of the MSC logo.”

"We operate in a global market that demands a sustainable certified product, and we must continue to be competitive and to ensure that we maintain our market share, whilst keeping the most important person in the supply chain happy: the consumer,” he added.

As part of the certification, the fishery has committed to 10 further actions to improve environmental performances from current sustainable levels, to global best practice.

One of these actions will help to protect a recently discovered bed of cold water corals by ensuring that the fishing vessels continue to avoid the East Mingulay Reefs area, currently proposed as a Scottish conservation area.

The certification is the second for group, which also represents the SFSAG haddock fishery, MSC certified in 2010.

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