SPPA: Approve sanctions against Faroe Islands

31 Jul 2013

The EU Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture is meeting to discuss the proposal for trade sanctions on the Faroe Islands on 31 July, and the Scottish Pelagic Processors Association (SPPA) is urging the EU to approve the proposal, blocking the export of herring and mackerel to the EU.

The SPPA, which represents UK mackerel and herring processors, also wants to see sanctions urgently imposed on Icelandic fisheries.

Ian McFadden, Chairman of the SPPA, said: “Mackerel processing alone supports around 2,260 jobs in the UK with several hundred more involved in fishing.

“For several years now the Faroese and Icelandic fisheries have aggressively increased their quotas of mackerel and refused to negotiate with the EU and Norway, which have historically worked together to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

“This activity is a real threat to jobs in the UK and to the economy of some communities which rely on mackerel and herring as the main source of employment.

“We wholeheartedly back the UK and Scottish governments’ support for sanctions that block fresh and frozen landings of herring and mackerel. We can now conclude that other activity to encourage the Faroe Islands and Iceland to agree quotas are proving ineffective and more drastic action is required.”

He also said that he believes that the EU will soon announce plans for sanctions against Iceland.

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