Solar solutions for Ferguson Australia

26 Oct 2017

Ferguson Australia went to Enerven to provide solar energy systems for its seafood handling and processing sites

Being active in the commercial fishing industry means that Ferguson Australia’s sites run a lot of large scale equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, oxygenated tanks and various machinery; all of which require significant amounts of power to operate and the company went solar to meet some of those energy requirements.

Ferguson Australia specialises in southern rock lobster, with several sites across South Australia. Starting from humble beginnings by Robert Ferguson, who traded farming for fishing in 1969, today it is still a family-run company, operating in fishing, exporting seafood, as well as retail and wholesale trade of Australian seafood. They are also committed to marine research and sustainable fishing practices, which has helped them to become recognised as an industry leader in the Australian commercial fishing industry.

The Fergusons were looking for a solar solution that would not only lower their electricity costs, but would also suit their sustainable operating practice objectives.

Enerven was able to provide a solution that ticked both boxes, reviewing each of their sites and focused on a solution that made sense for their business objectives, helping them to navigate the solar landscape with ease and transparency throughout the entire process.

The 100kW system installed at the Ferguson head office has 370 panels and an SMA 25000TL inverter.

According to Enerven, SMA is the leading inverter brand in the market.

“Their product is tried and tested with inverters still hanging on walls in Germany operational after 25 years. This product with the Jinko panels represent the perfect balance between economics and quality for Ferguson Australia,” an Enerven spokesman said.

“They helped us in the field of uncertainty with numerous solar businesses, gave us a clear energy audit and saved us thousands of dollars with the install and also advised us against an unnecessary install on another factory where solar didn’t make sense,” Andrew Ferguson said. “Honesty and trust truly are your biggest asset. Thank you. And also a big thank you for our future energy bill savings”