SNP on EU "dangerous" fisheries proposals

17 May 2011

Commenting on reports that the European Commission may be considering the introduction of internationally tradeable ITQs as part of a package of CFP reform measures, the SNP’s Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“This is a very dangerous proposal that rears its ugly head from time to time in the European Commission.

“The introduction of quota trading between member states could spell the end for many, if not all, of Scotland’s fishing communities. Any form of quota trading leads to consolidation as those with the deepest pockets win out.

“The idea that a national resource such as fish stocks could be sold to other countries, effectively privatising our fisheries, would leave foreign based multi-nationals laughing all the way to the bank and mean that over time our own fishing communities would not be able to catch the rich stocks in Scottish waters.

“The danger posed by internationally tradable ITQs highlights why decisions over fishing policy must be returned to member states and not left in the hands of the out of touch Brussels bureaucrats that have caused many of the problems our fishermen are already having to cope with, day in day out.

"The reform of EU fisheries policy should be about saving our fish stocks and fishing communities, not about making matters even worse for a proud fishing nation like Scotland.”

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