Seattle to host symposium on energy use in fisheries

28 Sep 2010

A new Seattle, US, conference, The Energy Use in Fisheries Symposium, has been created to provide a forum for commercial and recreational fishermen, processors, engineers, boat and engine developers, aquaculture ventures, fisheries managers, administrators, scientists, and others to address both the direct and indirect effects of energy costs related to fisheries, and share solutions.

Symposium results will include a set of alternative operational and management strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and recreational fishing fleets, demonstrated strategies of potential financial gains to symposium participants through reduced energy use, and the potential role of the government in reducing the carbon footprint associated with fisheries and aquaculture.

Also included will be proposed sustainability certification criteria for seafood products related to energy efficiency, and a set of metrics to be used to measure the level of energy reduction or improved environmental efficacy of different fuel types used by fishing fleets.

A particular emphasis of the symposium will be the transfer of energy-related information between the developed and developing world and across industry sectors.

The symposium will be co-hosted by NOAA Fisheries Service, the National Sea Grant College Program, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Pacific Marine Expo, National Fisherman, and the World Bank with technical participation from the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

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