Sea bass recreational catch limits

30 Mar 2015

The European Council’s adopted measures to help sea bass recover will include a limit of three fish per day for recreational fishers.

Recreational fishing accounts for 25% of sea bass mortality. At the beginning of the year the Commission announced fishing would need to be reduced by 80% to try to reverse the rapid decline of the stock which is at risk of collapse.

The daily limit on recreational catches complements the emergency measures which the Commission adopted earlier this year which is targeted at pelagic fisheries.

Sea bass is a very valuable fish on which many fishermen, especially small fishing enterprises, depend. With over 1.3m recreational anglers in France and another 800,000 in the UK, many thousands of jobs depend on recreational fishing.

The Commission has previously taken such emergency measures to protect vulnerable stocks, most recently with anchovy in the Bay of Biscay.

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