"Radioactivity knows no borders"

06 Apr 2011

SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP has expressed concern after the European Commission confirmed fears over possible radioactivity in imported fish.

The Commission has already required strict monitoring of all fisheries imports from regions of Japan directly affected by the events at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

However it has also expressed concerns about radioactivity spreading to the wider Pacific and have sought scientific advice on the possible impact.

Mr Hudghton commented: "Europe produces large quantities of its own fisheries products, much of it of course coming from Scotland. However we also import a lot to keep up with modern consumer demands.

"The Commission's increased monitoring regime set up in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster is reassuring. Nevertheless, the wider impact of the accident is truly frightening.

"The Commission have often tried to justify the existence of the CFP using the line that 'fish know no borders'. Radioactivity too knows no borders and there is a serious possibility that the Fukushima leaks will have serious effects across the Pacific Ocean.

"These knock-on effects illustrate the serious impacts felt when nuclear goes wrong. Industries which depend on a clean environment suffer dramatically and the cost on jobs and communities is incalculable.

"Scotland's fishing and farming sectors depend on our clean environment. Fukushima offers us daily examples of why we must retain a Scottish government wholly opposed to new-build nuclear power stations."

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