Prim7stars shrimp a Friend of the Sea

03 Apr 2013
Prim7stars shrimps are now Friend of the Sea certified

Prim7stars shrimps are now Friend of the Sea certified

Prim7stars shrimps, caught by Atlantic Shrimpers Limited, have been certified as Friend of the Sea.

The Tiger shrimps (Penaeus monodon) are fished in FAO Area 34 (Atlantic Eastern Central) around the Nigerian coast.

Atlantic Shrimpers have been operating in this area since 1996. With 70 fishing trawlers the company is the largest fishing company in Nigeria and one of the largest in Africa.

Atlantic Shrimpers Limited works closely with the Federal Department of Fisheries (F.D.F.) in the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure sustainable and responsible fishing practices, and has actively participated in the Global Environment Facility (GEF) United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) shrimp fisheries project for studies in bycatch reduction. 

The Penaeus monodon stock was found to be not overexploited and fishing gears met all Friend of the Sea criteria. Trawlers do not operate on rocky or coral areas, not even in the river mouth areas and no Marine Protected Areas are to be found within the fishing zone.

The discard rate is negligible, the entire catch must be reported to the Fishery Department and all bycaught fish are sold on the market. Waste and energy efficiency systems are in place.

All products are packed and labelled on the boat. 

“We are proud to have obtained the Friend of the Sea certification," said Kamlesh Kabra, CEO of Atlantic Shrimpers Limited, “a recognition which once more highlights our efforts towards the preservation of the marine habitat.”

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