Photoelectric technology increases processing efficiency

17 May 2017
BAADER 581 photoelectric

The photoelectric technology measures the filet automatically

The developers behind new photoelectric measuring technology for salmon filleting claim it reduces manual processing and can help companies reduce labour costs.

BAADER’s photoelectric measuring system feature for its ‘581’ salmon filleting machine is designed to enable users to cut the belly trim of salmon with no speed reduction or impact on processing.

The photoelectric technology was developed to be more efficient and hygienic than mechanical measuring as the light measures the filet automatically without the machinery touching the fish.

The company, which specialises in fish processing, poultry processing, separator technology, weighing and grading, says the BAADER 581 delivers the highest yield performance for a trimming option on a filleting machine.

The machine boasts two side independent cut variance which, BAADER says, enables it to process 25 fish per minute. Its independent servo engines can accurately adjust the belly trim cut and the position of a fish on the machine.

The ‘easy cut’ menu incorporates an interactive touch screen to specify the processing requirements. The machine can handle different fish sizes, from 2-7kg, and has variable cutline determination, which enables users to determine the thickness of the belly in mm and to cut by mm specifications.

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