NZ fisheries withdrawn from assessment

28 May 2015

Deepwater Group Ltd has advised that three New Zealand oreo fisheries and two squid fisheries have been withdrawn from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) assessment.

The three oreo fisheries are the Smooth Oreo (SSO4) Trawl Fishery, Black Oreo (BOE3A) Trawl Fishery, and Smooth Oreo (SSO3A) Trawl Fishery, and the two squid fisheries are the New Zealand EEZ Squid Trawl Fishery (SQU1T) and Auckland Islands Squid Trawl Fishery (SQU6T).

Fisheries Improvement Plans (FIPs) have been developed and remedial actions are being implemented for each of these fisheries, and upon completion of the ongoing improvements the fisheries will be submitted for assessment against the MSC Fisheries Standard. 

The Conformity Assessment Body, MRAG-Americas, will notify MSC Stakeholders of the re-entry timing and plans by email and by posting announcements on the MSC website at the time.

The Deepwater Group Oreo FIP webpage will also be regularly updated to keep customers and MSC Stakeholders up-to-date with progress towards MSC certification.

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