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Norway's biggest to use Mustad

24 Mar 2002

Ervik Havfiske, Norway's biggest autoline operator, has chosen the Mustad Autoline Deep Sea system for its latest newbuilding.

The Froyanes is being built at Solstrand shipyard to a revolutionary design from Marin Teknikk that features diesel electric propulsion and a radical new layout for the fishing equipment. Mustad is supplying a complete 60,000 hook Deep Sea Autoline package to this important new vessel including Magpacker, its automatic magazine storage and handling system.

Specifying this space and labour saving piece of equipment has allowed owner and designer to rethink conventional Autoliner deck layout. Lines will be hauled through a forward hauling hatch as before, but all other Autoline equipment has been placed fully aft where gear handling and line setting activities will take place. Ervik believes that this new layout will be more efficient and easier to work.

Mustad MagPacker is a mechanical system that stores and handles the hook magazines, bringing full magazines into place for shooting, and empty magazines into place when hauling. It is entirely automatic, simplifying fishing operations and reducing the amount of labour involved in handling the gear. It can be operated by a single crew member.

Gear storage is more compact with Magpacker, so more gear can be fitted into a given space -- or a given amount of gear can be fitted into a smaller space - than before. On Froyanes Marin Teknikk has been able to fit gear for 60.000 hooks into an extremely small area.


Other Mustad equipment onboard includes the H3000 3-tonne high pressure hydraulic line hauler and the SP2000 hook separator with new hook catching arrangement. Gear will be stored on thirty-two 4.5 metre magazines, the longest that Mustad has ever made.

Froyanes skipper will control fishing operations using Mustad's LineController, a PC based control and data storage system that will enable him to monitor and control setting and hauling more closely and to analyse catch results.

The system can be operated either by traditional mouse or by "Touch Screen" as shown on picture.

Vessel designer Marin Teknikk believes that Froyanes will be the world's first fishing vessel with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion.

Marin Teknikk has extensive experience with diesel electric through its work in the offshore sector, and using this technology in its MT 1110 longliner design offers several important advantages, explains senior naval architect and marine engineer Richard K. Gjerde.

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