New Hampshire joins groundfish lawsuit

19 Sep 2013

New Hampshire has joined a lawsuit against the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and other U.S. officials, challenging substantial new catch limits on many types of groundfish in New England.

The new regulations, Frameworks 48 and 50, were issued earlier this year by the Secretary of Commerce under the Magnuson-Stevens Act, reducing the catch for certain New England groundfish by 77%.

The State of Massachusetts filed the lawsuit earlier this year, claiming that the regulations would have a devastating impact on families and small businesses throughout New England who earn their living through fishing.

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan agrees: "The onerous restrictions and reduced catch limits put forth by the federal government could have a dire effect on the economic viability of New Hampshire’s fishermen, placing one of our state’s oldest and most treasured industries at grave risk and undermining an important sector of our economy. Joining this lawsuit will help us stand up for the future of New Hampshire’s fishing industry by fighting back against these severe restrictions."