Oceana: National Park Board responsible for its deterioration

17 Jan 2013

Oceana has described the Board of Trustees of the Archipelago of Cabrera Maritime-Terrestrial National Park in the Balearic Islands as inoperative, due to its almost total lack of activity in 2012.

The organisation says that the Board fails to hold regular meetings and is failing in its tolerance of the deterioration of park management, as no action has been taken or declarations made against the drastic staff cuts in recent months or against the disappearance of the funds assigned to this protected space in the Balearic Islands.

“Cabrera is undergoing one of its worst periods since it was declared a national park. Over the entire last year, the Board of Trustees has breached its own regulations and thus the National Parks Act by its lack of activity”, says Xavier Pastor, executive director of Oceana for Europe. “The obligations of the Board of Trustees include meeting at least four times every year to organise the necessary activities and ensure compliance with any regulations concerning the park. Only one meeting was held, which moreover was announced only three days in advance. Thus, no actions have been taken in favour of this protected space”.

Oceana is also accusing current Chair of the Board of Trustees, Severiano Quevedo, of “blocking” the enlargement of the maritime area of the National Park, an agreement that was reached while the previous Chair was still at its helm.

“The Chair of the Board of Trustees is blocking the measures unanimously taken one year ago to start the enlargement of the Cabrera National Park. He has not urged the Council for the Environment to carry out a full mapping of the marine habitats in the park and adjoining areas, as was agreed, or to perform any socioeconomic, legal, and management studies. He won’t even answer our letters requesting a meeting to provide documents supporting this initiative. The current Chair of the Board of Trustees is damaging the management and conservation of Cabrera through his ineffectiveness”, concludes Mr Pastor.

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