NAFC completes megrim project

28 Mar 2013

A project on the population structure of megrim on the Northern Shelf has recently been completed by Paul Macdonald, fisheries scientist at the NAFC Marine Centre, in conjunction with the University of Oviedo, Spain.

The Scottish Fishermen’s Trust funded study was undertaken in response to recent changes in management of megrim on the Northern Shelf - which includes the North Sea, West of Scotland and Rockall - as knowledge of the stock structure is limited.

Mr Macdonald said, “The aim of this collaborative project was to examine the genetic structure of megrim populations on the Northern Shelf to determine whether there was evidence of separate populations, the geographic distributions of any separate populations and whether the evidence from this study supports the management units implemented recently.”

Samples of megrim tissue were collected across the Northern Shelf in 2012 during the annual anglerfish survey undertaken by Marine Scotland and were analysed at the University of Oviedo, Spain.

Mr Macdonald continued, “The results of the study support the recent changes in management but also suggest that there may be evidence of further population differentiation between the North Sea and the West of Scotland.”

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