Maria Damanaki launches EU-Morocco fisheries negotiations

24 Apr 2012

Maria Damanaki, Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries visited Rabat, Morocco, on 20-21 April to launch the process of negotiations for a new EU-Morocco fisheries agreement protocol.

After her meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ms Damanaki said that she asked the Commission and the Council for a mandate to discuss the fisheries agreement protocol, which was granted. She said she is now seeking a new agreement that is profitable for both sides, in line with respecting international law and environmental sustainability.

She said: “I believe that today we have done a very good start and we should continue along this path. For the EU and Morocco, cooperation is not a choice: it is a must. We have to cooperate if we are to manage fish stocks effectively.

“I am glad to say that we started today our exploratory talks for a new fisheries agreement protocol with Morocco."

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