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Mainstream begins trial against activist

17 Jan 2012
Don Staniford

Don Staniford

The Mainstream Canada trial against anti-salmon farming activist Don Staniford began yesterday.

Mainstream says that it has been forced to “defend our reputation against unfounded and irresponsible accusations” by Mr Staniford. Mr Staniford is said to have published graphics that look like cigarette packets and include warnings like "Salmon Farming Kills Like Smoking", along with other defamatory and false statements about the company

During the trial, which began on 16 January and is expected to run for 20 days, Mainstream says it will defend the reputation of the company, which is proud to be the first salmon farm in the world to be certified to the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association's Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture standard and the Global Aquaculture Alliance's Best Aquaculture Practices new standards for farmed salmon.

A Mainstream statement said “While healthy debate on issues is a vital part of healthy communities, false and injurious statements are detrimental to these values and harmful to the interests of a free and democratic society. Mainstream's legal arguments will show that the damaging allegations published by the activist are malicious and unsupported by facts or fairness.”

If Mr Staniford loses it could cost him $125,000, however, he told The Canadian Press “I am going to fight until the bitter end and win.”

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Don Staniford

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