Mackerel limit to remain at 50 per day

05 Feb 2011

The daily vessel trip limit will remain at 50 fish for commercial hook-and-line vessels fishing for Gulf group king mackerel in federal waters of the Florida east coast subzone.

Based on landings data, NOAA Fisheries Service determined that more than 75 percent (or 780,469 pounds) of the 1,040,625-pound quota has been harvested for this fishery segment before 1 February 2011. If 75 percent of the quota had not been harvested, the trip limit would have increased to 75 fish.

The 50-fish daily trip limit will remain in effect until 31 March 2011, unless the subzone’s quota is reached. If the 1,040,625-pound quota is harvested during February or March 2011, the subzone will be closed and the daily trip limit will be reduced to zero king mackerel until the 2010/2011 season ends on 31 March 2011. Such a closure would be effective upon filing the notification with the Office of the Federal Register.

From 1 November-31 March, the Florida east coast subzone for Gulf group king mackerel is the area north of 25° 20.4' N. lat. (a line directly east from the Miami-Dade/Monroe County, Florida, boundary), and south of 29° 25' N. lat. (a line directly east from the Volusia/Flagler County, Florida, boundary).

Under the Florida Administrative Code established by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the daily trip limit for king mackerel harvested in state waters off the east coast of Florida also will remain at 50 fish.

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